Good Primer on LLMs

Embedding NFTs

I bought a couple of NFTs on the Zora L2 this morning.

Here is one:

Here is another:

Farcaster AMA

Last week, I did a Farcaster AMA. It is a great format for me. It emphasizes speed and brevity. I like that.

Tiago created a Farcaster AMA reader and here is a link to it.

If there is a way to embed this instead, pls let me know.

Europeans Do Trains and Train Stations So Well

Paris Gare Du Nord

Hello World

I read blogs a lot. And i think they are great. So i am starting a blog. I have no idea if i’ll write a lot in my blog or rarely. I hope its a lot, because i have a lot to say. But we’ll see about that.

I wrote that in the first post on on September 23, 2003. I went on to write 9,079 posts over the last twenty years. That is more than one post a day. In the beginning, I would write multiple posts a day. I used a blog like Twitter. I stopped doing that after a few years and then wrote once a day for a very long time.

I haven't been writing as much lately and am wondering if I need a new venue to get excited about writing again.

So I am trying out Paragraph.